Magna Grecia. The myth of the origins

Dear travel friends, “Un giro in Italia” is always looking for new places and new emotions to let you try. This time we bring in Senise (Basilicata) in the largest amphitheater in southern Italy to make you witness the extraordinary show: “Magna Grecia. Il mito delle origini” “Magna Grecia. The myth of origins. “

The June 24, 2016 was held the first of this exceptional event that involved actors of the caliber of Claudio Santamaria and Giancarlo Giannini.


The story told skilfully, but especially with the help of amazing special effects is that of Alexios warrior who, driven by the desire to discover new lands and new horizons, decides to make a new journey that will take him to extend the boundaries of Magna Greece. His journey led through the Siris river will lead up alll’Arena, scene of riots, fights and burning the hero’s love for his woman Esedra. The future of Alexios is actually already written, prophesied by the striking prediction of Pythia, the legendary oracle of Delphi.

magna grecia 4950 300x300 - Magna Grecia - The myth of the originsThe Alexios journey.

The hero’s journey, once again, is the most classic of literary archetypes, aimed primarily at achieving self-realization and of course not so much a physical place as an imaginative goal that refers to the completion of the interior design of the protagonist.

There of course reveal other details are convinced that you will be amazed by the fairy-tale manner in which the story is told and the manner in which the plot unfolds leading epilogue so desired.
We are happy to host that important event, also it realized thanks to director Lorenzo Miglioli.


magna grecia 5225 300x200 - Magna Grecia - The myth of the originsIt can do is to invite you to look at the images we have collected for you. Come to Senise and let submerge the time vortex, by the water and the beautiful eco narrator of this renewedMagna Grecia.

Stay with us!

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